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How To Watch Almost All Live Sports In The World Online

01 December 2012

AFF Suzuki Cup 2012 campaign is well underway right now. Being one of the avid supporters of Harimau Malaya since Suzuki Cup 2010 (yes, I didn’t care much about them before this), it is a must to follow every match. That evening, Malaysia vs. Indonesia. And I was going to watch it from a place where the only live channel available is through Unifi HyppTV.

Which is fine most of the time. HyppTV is not that bad.

Except it was dreadful that night. HyppTV was down. Nationwide!

Naturally, the immediate thing to do was to go to RMT TV1 and see if they have online streaming. They do! Great! But it was buffering 99% of the time. Maybe all HyppTV users were on that page. Then there was 1Malaysia IPTV, it comes with iPhone and iPad app. But as expected for services that leeching on 1Malaysia brand, doesn’t work. It pulls the same source from RTM TV1 online, and the app crashed every time you want to view the channel.

Next most naturally thing to do was to tune the TV set for terrestrial broadcast. This step used to be the most natural step, but after Astro monopolized our airwave, it is now left forgotten. Nevertheless, worth a try. And… not working. We didn’t have cable for the antenna to boost the signal.

When nothing else works, there’s only one thing you can do. Tweet about it.

That led me to fromBAR formerly known as sportLEMON. Live sports aggregator plagued with ad banners. We found few links. One of them worked really well. So we plugged the machine to the big screen and start cheering!

It was all pixelated, but all is well when your team is winning. End result: Malaysia won 2-0.

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