How To Add Footnote In Markdown

17 December 2012

I wrote my posts in Markdown. You can pull my blog from and have a look.

I used footnote in these two posts:

This is a footnote^fn-sample. Go ahead click it.

Here's how we did that:

This is a footnote[^fn-sample] 
[^fn-sample]: Now I gotta cut loose. Footloose, kick off the Sunday shoes. Click this to go back up >>

All you need is to have [^anchor_name_here] for the link and [^anchor_name_here]: for the footnote. The key is to start with [^]. Ideally since it's a footnote, you should place [^anchor_name_here]: on the bottom. But hey, entirely up to you! With this syntax, you'll get <sup></sup> tag for free with link to the anchor and running numbers for all footnotes on the same page.

I intentionally left a blank space here so you can test the link and actually move from the number to footnote back and forth.


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